February 4, 2012

2 Sunshine Vacation

We had a blast with my family in Arizona and Mexico. It was 60 degrees and gorgeous. It was hard coming back to the snow. My family spoiled Kenzie and she was attached to my sisters Kayla and Amanda instantly. Our favorite was her yelling, "Layla!" (Kayla) all day long. The day we got in we went to the Phoenix Zoo. It's my favorite zoo.

Flamingos are the weirdest and otters are the cutest!

I have pictures of me when I was little playing on this elephant. 

Over the weekend we went to our condo in Rocky Point, Mexico. We swam everyday, saw dolphins, and played games. I even crocheted a little.

She's a little model. I couldn't get enough of her in her swimsuits. Can't wait for summer. 
Touching the ocean for the first time. Later that day she practically took a running leap into it.

We spent the last couple of days playing with my cousin and her cute kids.

They loved pudding paint. And by the end of the day they were bouncing off the walls.

We also went to Organ Stop Pizza, which is the coolest pizza place. If you're ever in Arizona you must go. It's like Disneyland. And a trip to Arizona would not be complete without a Bahama Bucks. The best shaved ice you'll ever taste. We sure do miss my family, but we are so happy to be home.
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  1. I'm so glad you could come! It was so fun to catch up with you and see our little ones play together! Come back soon!

  2. How fun! We will have to get together next time!