January 24, 2012

6 Currently Crocheting

I was just thinking the other day I wanted to make Kenzie a backpack and just happened upon this cute pattern. Other than that I'm on a bit of a crocheting hiatus. I'm trying to simplify my life with less craft projects and more cleaning, cooking, organizing projects. I know boring, but needed. 

We're headed to Arizona and Mexico tomorrow and I am ready for some warmer weather! I'm looking forward to the Phoenix Zoo, swimming, tacos, kinder eggs, and staying up late with my sisters. See you in a week or so!
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  1. Kinder Eggs are the best! I discovered a new kind recently, that comes with a little spoon and is in a plastic shell that you peel apart with the toy in one half and white chocolate-sundae-ish thing on the other side you eat with the little plastic spoon. SO GOOD!
    Have fun on your winter vacation!

  2. That is adorable! Thanks for the post. I have a couple little girls and they'd love this. I also have to say that I'm SO sad I didn't' make it to the crocheting club the other week. I wanted to come so bad, and the weather was crazy, and some of my kids were sick. Next time!

  3. Hi there, I saw your guest post over at Ucreate and am now following you here.. I really want to learn to crochet (a girlfriend from out of town is going to teach me over easter) and I've just saved your tutorial hoping I'll be able to master it one day!! This little lady bug bag is just SO cute as well!!

  4. Just found you and I have NO idea how-but I am glad that I did! It is rare to find crochet blogs~ everyone seems to be knitting these days-which is great for them but not for me! Anyway~ just wanted to pop on by and say "hi" and tell you you do beautiful work...which I will now see often because I became a follower. (That sounds so cultish, no?)

    Also-TOTALLY jealous I don't live near you so I can attend your crochet night. I would love to have something like that out here!

  5. I also just found your blog through Ucreate, and I'm so glad! I have just started crocheting again in the past 6 months, and I have been looking for fun blogs for crocheting. I'm left handed also, and had to re-learn because I was taught wrong years ago. I'm also in Provo and have an (almost) 10 month old baby girl, and I'd love to come to you're crocheting club if you have it again. Anyway, just wanted to ramble at you how excited I am to have found your blog. :)

  6. I just posted a question on your chevron blanket post and realized it was so long ago you may not get it. What are the dimensions on that one? I am making one for my oldest daughter who is having her fourth little boy and this is the blanket she wants? I want to make it more crib and cuddle size. So ideas on who much to shrink it??? You have inspired me to start up my crocheting. You need to put that backpack on pinterest so I can repin you :) Thanks Stacie