July 1, 2011

2 My thoughts on Marriage.

I'd rather spend our money on expensive, romantic dates than pay for marriage counseling.
(I am in no way saying that Nick and I need marriage counseling, I'm just saying that I'd rather put more effort into keeping our marriage fun and exciting now, then paying for it later if we don't).

This is why I don't feel bad about next Friday's date.
A little more on the expensive side and a little less on the romantic side, but I'm pretty excited. 

And I'm getting ready for the funnest month of the summer, July! Why you ask? 
Because it's Nick's Birthday Month!

 Looking forward to:


Full Moon Ride Lift

Balloon Festival

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows

And maybe another trip to Arches

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  1. Fun! Birthdays are the best. Nick is sooo lucky to have such a caring beautiful wife.

  2. How fun!!!! I love date night. I actually live for date night.