April 26, 2013

1 My Baby Turns Three

We started the day off at the Zoo with a big woohoo ↑
Okay, maybe dinosaurs are real ↑
Benson was more impressed with his socks than the animals ↑
Flirting with the boys ↑
Taking it all in ↑

Kenzie is three! She is such an amazing little girl. Her favorite things to do are playing with friends, going for walks, playing at the park, going to the library, and playing monsters. She prefers Spider-Man to princesses right now and loves to eat hot dogs and marshmallows. She is such a good big sister and starts singing to Benson whenever he starts to cry. She comforts him by saying, "It's okay brother boo, I'm right here. It's okay." She is very polite, kind, and smart. And her energy is never ending. 

Kenzie has a great sense of humor. She picks up on funny lines in movies and then quotes them (so proud!). Her favorite movie quote is from Despicable me, when Gru says "knocked ooover." She'll say this multiple times each day trying to get a laugh. She loves to sing songs and she has a great little singing voice. Her favorite songs are Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and Adele's "Rumor Has It."

I couldn't ask for a better kid to be my baby. We love you Kenzie girl!
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  1. Crazy to have a three year old! It's hard to believe sometimes. She is such a cutie!