December 3, 2012

2 Zoo Lights

Zoo lights! You can't tell by the pictures, but Kenzie and Benson loved it. We didn't think we were going to make it at first because of traffic and a screaming baby, but we're so glad we did. I love Christmas time and having a little toddler this year who is just as excited as me, makes it so much more fun. 
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  1. Hello! Your family and blog are so cute! I am curious what kind of stroller that is and if you recommend it. :) Happy New Years!

    1. thank you. It's a britax b-agile double stroller. I love it because you can buy the car seat that clicks in to one side so when my little guy is asleep I don't have to wake him up to put him in the stroller. It also is really easy to steer and will fit through doors when we're shopping. And the front bottom zips open to give you access to the underneath storage. So yes, I would recommend it.