October 31, 2012

3 Our Trip to Cornbelly's

"I wanna go to Cornbelly's!" "Woohoo!" "I'm so excited!"

This is what I heard all day until we finally went to Cornbelly's yesterday evening. I love hearing those words. Especially the "woohoo!"

We had some fun at Cornbelly's this year. We have one more kiddo than we did last year and for some reason I'm more motivated to get out and about. (Let's be real, it's not always the funnest being a mom at these kind of places.) Even though it's hard, I want to take my kids everywhere. I don't want to make excuses like "they won't remember" or "it's during their nap time." I want my kids to remember their childhood how I remember mine—full of adventures and fun—because when you think about the big picture, memories are all that matters.
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  1. your family is so good looking! everyone is so well dressed too! how do you do it? did you make kenzies hat?

    1. Elisa you are too nice. It took me all day to get packed and ready for this one little outing, I tell you what kids come with a lot of stuff! And yes I made Kenzie's hat.

  2. What great family pictures!!! It looks like you have a very blessed and happy family!