September 19, 2012

2 Guest Post: Elisa Hunt & Cowl Pattern

I'd like to introduce to you my very good friend and fellow crochet blogger, Elisa! She runs her blog, Made  From Scratch, which is filled with fun, easy, and quick crochet projects. We first met when we both had our first babies and we were trying to get back into shape. Now we both have 2 babies and still manage to find time to crochet. She's here to share a lovely cowl pattern for this Fall.

Hello there, Im Elisa. I started my blog, Made From Scratch, in June of this year after a life time {or so it seems} of creating handmade crafts. Everything I make is something I feel I have needed for myself or wanted to make and display in my home. I started crocheting about 2 years ago when I wanted to make a blanket for my unborn child, then decided to quit after I discovered it seriously wasn't my talent { I was bad I promise}. A whole year later I decided to tackle it again after seeing what my friend Andrea here was seemingly whipping up in her sleep. This time I succeeded, now I'm addicted and pretty much never stop crocheting.

I LOVE easy, straightforward projects, especially when they are something that you need. With colder weather just around the corner who doesn't need a new cowl? 

I love the puff stitch that I've seen in a few hats and scarfs so I decided to put together a little puff stitch item of my own.

This puff stitch really does make a beautiful cowl. 
Heres the pattern! 
{oh you're welcome} 

Puff stitch Cowl
Puff Stitch: {slightly different version}: Yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch and draw up a loop {3 loops on hook}, do this 3 more times {9 loops on hook}, yarn over and draw through all loops on the hook, slip stich
Chain 26
Row 1: Puff stitch in 2nd chain from hook and chain one. Repeat in every other chain across to make 12 puff stitches.
Row 2: chain 2 and turn. Puff stitch in each gap between two puff stitches on the previous row. Repeat to end of row making sure the last puff  stitch is made in the space between the last puff stitch and the chain 2 of the previous row.
Row 3 – 55: repeat row 2.
To join: place the 2 short edges together and single crochet along the edge going into the top of each puff stitch and the gaps between.  
Fasten off and weave in ends. Turn cowl so that the joining seam is on the inside so no one sees it! 

I can't wait until its cold enough to wear!

Make sure to go follow Elisa's blog so you don't miss out on all her Fall crochet projects. And check out her etsy shop!
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  1. i just finished a hat with puff stitch and was looking for cowl and i found you. thank you so much.