April 17, 2012

3 Birthday Celebrations

I'm officially 24! The morning started off bright and early. Nick had to take his last final at 7am, so I got to open presents at 6am! Nick got me a bunch of kitchen supplies that I've been wanting. (Canisters, citrus juicer, sifter, and a craft circle punch). For lunch we went to Benihana's, which was delicious as always. I have them to thank for my very prominent popper belly now. And last but not least, shopping at the new City Creek Center, which is absolutely gorgeous. I'm planning on picking up Nick lots from his internship in SLC this summer just as an excuse to go back and shop. It's been the best birthday yet! I love spending time with my little family. 

And now to cash in on my birthday foot massage!
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  1. Happy Birthday!! I love Kenzie's headband!

  2. Happy Birthday! That is the cutest headband too! :) now I need to go eat a cookie or something because that cake has given a need for dessert!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your cake looked yummy!!!