March 6, 2012

3 Nesting

I know that nesting usually means for the baby that's coming, but I never got to nest with Kenzie. (I was too busy working and graduating from college). So this past weekend we went to one of my favorite places, Ikea. And we loaded up on things for Kenzie's room. She loves her bookshelves. And I love how she can reach the bottom one, and the top one is for her special books. (The ones we don't want her to destroy). 

Nick and I love books and I'm so happy that Kenzie loves them just as much. This morning when I got her from her crib the first thing she did was point to her books. She spends about 30 minutes a day flipping through her books and "reading" them. 

Here is a video of her when she was younger "reading" her books.
(she's sniffing it at the end because she had some scratch and sniff books and did it to all her books)
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  1. Very cute! I've been meaning to get some similar book shelves up in the boys' room. I found them at a thrift store ages ago but just have not gotten the motivation yet. :) Seeing this helps, though! Thanks!

  2. Adorable. Henry started reading books this week and it's sooooo fun!

  3. Very beautiful baby. God bless him.. And your room decoration is wonderful with crochet blanket.. Best wishes..