March 31, 2012

0 My Husband is Cool

My husband, Nick, is perfect for me. I really think he is the smartest, nicest, funnest person. Before he changed his major to City Planning he was an animation major. He is really good at design and drawing. He designed this quiet book and the temple print pictured above. 

He is good at everything. Like really. He cooks, he scrubs toilets (even though the first time he ever did was when we got married!), he reads, he babysits, he crafts, he works hard at school and work, and he still finds time to plan really fun dates. 

Like this weekend. He made me this dinner and took me miniature golfing. If you haven't ever made that chicken pasta, I highly recommend it. Even more, I highly recommend you make your husband make it for you. Mmmm, food just tastes so much better when you don't have to make it! 

I keep thinking how much I just love Nick and how excited I am about our future adventures together. I hope our little boy looks just like him and gets his personality-mellow,calm, and perfect. (Kenzie's personality is exactly like mine was at her age. Crazy,cute, and hyper). 

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