December 6, 2011

2 I Love You

Today is the 3 year anniversary of the first time Nick and I said "I love you." Cheesy/cute that we celebrate this? This is the bridge where it happened. Nick also proposed to me on a bridge in Oregon. We really love bridges. And I really love Nick because...

He knows everything about me and still loves me

He is kind and patient

He is able to be a full-time student and father and go to work part-time

He's only been grouchy twice since we've been married (And it only lasted about 5 minutes)

He listens to me and does whatever I say (really he does)

He is the funnest dad and is really good at changing poopie diapers

He makes me laugh

He sits with me on porch swings

He likes to go on adventures with me

He makes me dinner when I don't feel like cooking (and it's actually good)

He always lets me win and tells me he loves me and I'm right

He brings me home hot chocolate from work

He crochets

I could go on of course, but I'll spare you the mushiness. Happy 3 years of saying "I love you" husband!
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  1. How sweet! I've got a Nick of my own who loves me for ALL that I am and helps me with anything. Happy 3 years! =D


  2. How cute! You guys deserve each other.