November 16, 2011

1 First Meeting

We had our first crochet meeting yesterday and it was a little crazy with all the kiddos running around. We only learned the basic chain and single crochet, but hey it's something. I taught myself crochet by just finding patterns that I wanted to make and youtube/googling everything in the pattern. Here is a really good site for crochet videos. I still refer back to her videos sometimes when I get stuck. 

If you didn't make it to the yesterdays meeting don't worry! We're meeting again tomorrow night at 8pm. Email for directions if you need them:

In other news my blog has had 1200 views just today! That blows my mind. I would love to know who you all are so go ahead and click my follow button. I'm thinking if I get 100 followers I might do a giveaway...and it might involve bobbles. 

Thanks guys!
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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, sooooo....I bet half of those are mine LOL jk

    I saw your bobble blanket on Pinterest and have been stalking that post as I'm now currently starting my second row of it (but I'm making it throw-sized in a blue-green color scheme). I'm going to follow though because, uh, you can never have too many bobbles. :D