November 23, 2011

4 Crochet Bow Earwarmer

I finally made something for myself! Although I'm thinking this color would look better with brown hair. I have been thinking about changing my hair for! I promised myself to never go brown again. But red isn't brown and it would be kind of fun...okay so anyways I've got some hair decisions to think about. 

I found this pattern here and I'm really loving her crocheted things. And her hair.
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  1. If you decide not to do the brown hair...I will gladly take it off of your hands!

    I think you are one of the few people that do well in any hair color. What's the harm?

  2. I inspire to be able to make beautiful things one day. Well it is on my Bucket List. I am visiting via another here in blogland, you have a very Special blog and so glad I visited. I will follow on my way out, hope you will visit my place some time soon and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo