October 10, 2011

0 Motivation

I'm still doing my 30 for 30 clothes remix, you just might not ever see the pictures. Nick is my photographer and he's been rather busy lately. If only Kenzie knew how to use a camera...

I'm making more changes in my life and feeling quite happy about them. I figured out the key to having goals. Mortivation. And what better way to be motivated then to reward yourself with something you want.

I started no treats 2 days ago and I'm going strong. My goal is to make it a year, but I want to make it a lifestyle after that. We'll see what happens. My motivation for no treats is I get 200 dollars in the end. Which is probably the money we will save not buying treats, so it works out well. I'm going to make a jar and put 55 cents a day in it and in a year it will add up to 200. 

Nick and I also started exercising for 30 minutes everyday. My sister gave us the idea to put a dollar in a jar every time you exercise and then if you exercise 5 times that week you get another dollar. I love this idea because your paying yourself to workout instead of a gym membership where you probably wouldn't go anyways. We're going to put pictures of things we want to save up for on the jars to be motivated to workout. I'm really excited about it. 

If I did both for a year I could easily save 500 or more dollars. This is very motivating. And a good way to practice saving for something we want.

So you see I will probably be doing no treats and exercising for a very long time.

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