October 25, 2011

1 Kenzie's 1/2 Birthday

She loved her presents. Hahaha. 

Kenzie always has to have her "ba" with her when she goes to sleep. But for this nap she wanted her bunny, rawr, and ba. She knows pretty much every animal sound there is to know. She is always saying tay-too (thank you). She hands me things all day long and says tay-too. She says please when she wants something. She knows how to say nanda (Amanda) and layla (Kayla) and mehma (Grandma). She knows over 50 words and is always jabbering, laughing, screaming, etc. 

She loves chips and salsa. And crackers, cookies, noodles, sweet potatoes, cottage cheese, bananas. She is a great listener. She loves to read books. She will sit in her room reading to herself and I'll hear a "dee end" (the end) when she closes her book. When we go pick up daddy at work or school she will recognize the building and point and say "daddy!" She says daddy all day long. She loves him so much.

She went to nursery on Sunday and did great. I however was going crazy. I'm the one with the attachment problems. Definitely thinking about homeschooling. She can fit into some of her 3-6 month clothes still. She's almost 20 pounds. She loves walking around the store while we're running errands and scouting out strangers to say hi to. And if she doesn't get the attention she wants she will repeat hi, hi, hi, hi until you say hi back. 

She loves giving raspberries on our bellies. She loves to give kisses and snuggles without us even asking! She loves to purposely hit her hand on the wall, walk over to me with her hand in the air and say "ow" for me to kiss it better. 

She is so smart. She loves to take things apart and put them back together. Especially my lipstick tube. She loves her new ABC puzzle. I'm really hoping she'll be like me and love puzzles. She finally likes to get messy. She loves Dora and when she wants to watch Dora she starts dancing around the room singing Dora, Dora, Dora. 

Can't believe my baby is 1 1/2. 
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