September 4, 2011

1 I Feel Silly

{shirt: f21, skirt: ross, necklace: f21}

I have been wanting to do more outfit posts lately, but I feel silly. I don't get ready most days and let's face it I'm lucky to even get a shower in the morning with Kenzie being so clingy. So on days that I do get ready (Sundays) I make Nick take my picture so I can document that I actually can look cute. Do all moms feel this way? I feel like most days it's pointless to get ready because we just are home all day or playing at the park. I use to love to get all dressed up for school and dates, and now the only excuse to get all dressed up is to go to the grocery store...

So I am going to be doing some outfit posts here and there and I would love some feedback, because being a stay at home mom I'm kind of out of the loop. I am mostly just excited for boot weather! Is 70 to hot to wear boots?
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