September 27, 2011

0 Dear Kenzie

You are 17 months old and growing so big
You have a smile that melts my heart
You are always happy and talking
You know over 45 words and are learning new ones everyday
You love to explore and try new foods
You make new friends wherever you go
You throw lots of tantrums that mom secretly thinks are hilarious
You love to empty the dishwasher with mom
You love animals and learning all their sounds
I love the sparkle in your eyes when you laugh
I love to teach you new words everyday
I love to paint our nails together
I love to read you books
I love to kiss your chubby cheeks
I love to tuck you in at night with your "ba" (stuffed animal sheep)
I love to sneak into your room when you've gone to sleep because I miss you
I love to snuggle with you and watch "memo" (Elmo)
I love to make treats with you
I love the way you scream cracker and snack when I ask you if you're hungry
I love to take you to the pet store to see the puppies
I love to spend all day, every day with you
But mostly I just love you

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