June 16, 2011

2 Mr. Popper's Penguins

For our date on Friday Nick and I read this book. I read it when I was in elementary school, but since seeing the previews for the movie I've been wanting to reread it. It only took us an hour or so and it was so cute! It made me want a penguin real bad. The book is hilarious too. But I'm not sure the author meant it to be funny. It's worth reading just for the ending. I won't give it away, but if you read it please tell me your thoughts on the ending. Or if you thought it was funny at all. Maybe it's just me.
Can't wait to see the movie!

Other books on my Summer Reading List

Lemony Snicket and the Series of Unfortunate Events 1-13
Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1-5
Harry Potter 6 & 7
The Kite Runner
A Thousand Splendid Suns
The Goose Girl
To the Rescue
The Help

Any other suggestions?
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  1. DEFINITELY read all the books in the Shannon Hale books/sequels to GOose Girl. have you ever read Eragon? I loved it. And also, re-read Ella Enchanted. It's simply the best book in the world.

  2. I've started reading goose girl about 5 times. I can't seem to make it past the first couple of chapters. And I loved Eragon, but still haven't read the 3rd or 4th one? And yes I love Ella Enchanted. The best.