May 25, 2011

2 New Banner: Hippie Bus

Do you notice anything different about my blog? Nick made me a new banner that I'm in love with! He is so talented. Check out his other designs.

I've always loved VW Buses. I think they're amazing and perfect for lots of road trips and travel. It's kind of a life long dream of mine to own one. I went to Wales on a study abroad 3 years ago and every hippie bus I saw I had to take a picture with. 

{This was taken in Oregon}

{This was taken in Utah}

{How cute are these salt and pepper shakers}

I have so many plans once I get a hippie bus. First I will take a road trip to Mexico City in my hippie bus. Then I will sell crafts out of it to pay for gas.

Do any of you collect photos of something?
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  1. Wait wait--3 YEARS AGO??? Where has the time gone. Seeing those pictures brought back awesome memories of Wales!