May 13, 2011

1 Cupcake Party

We celebrated my daughter's first birthday party in Oregon. I was really excited so I started planning and thinking of fun ideas months before. My wonderful husband did most of the designing and cute little prints on the cupcakes and I made about 75 cupcakes. I kind of really loved it. And I really would like to open a bakery now please. Because you know I was born to be a Baker.... 

 Cupcake pops! Tutorial found here.

The Cupcake Birthday Banner

The water bottle covers

The Table. (We used dollar store plates and glasses for the cupcake stands)

The Cupcakes. Strawberry, Chocolate, and Lemon!

The birthday girl with her cupcake shirt and hat.

The birthday girl digging in. She didn't get as messy as I wanted her to. (I know right. The one time I wanted her to get messy she doesn't).

The Cupcake Hat up close. I made this pattern up and was very proud of myself. Maybe I'll post my pattern if anyone is interested?

All in all it turned out great and it was so fun to get together with all of Nick's family. Kenzie got to eat lots of sugar that day and she got so many fun noise making toys. I on the other hand am not so sure how I feel about them...
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  1. Andrea I am super amazed how talented you are! How fun, hopefully someday I can be as awesome as you, but for now I will just look at your blog and dream! :)