March 26, 2011

I recently lost about 15 pounds and am less than I was when I got married, hurray! It's such a good feeling to be healthy and some what back in shape. So because of this I have been wanting to update my wardrobe. And lately I have been finding some awesome deals.  (My husband is thrilled).

Shirt: Papaya ($15)
Cardigan: Forever 21 ($18)
Jeans: Aeropostale ($25)
Boots: Forever 21 ($35)
Belt: Husbands (Free!)

I ordered the cardigan and boots on Forever 21's website because going into that store gives me a headache and stresses me out (I don't do well with lots of options).  The delivery was so fast and it made my day getting a package in a mail!

I also found the most fabulous skirt at Ross to later find out that it had pockets as well.  Happiest day.  I love skirts with pockets.  And a fun spring shirt at Kohls today.  (I'll post pictures soon)
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